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A King's Bequeathment
I reclaim my once proud throne
above the racket of the endless drone
my servants all bow as I take my seat
the corpse of my foe,now fallen at my feet
blood stained and weary from my tireless battle
I'm now ready to relax,despite the rattle
my kingdom rejoiced at my triumphant return
while my enemy rested uneasily in his ashy urn
To conquer new lands is my current goal
expand my empire,and constrict my soul
a merciless greedy ruler I will become
with no sense of compassion,according to some
I will be reveared amongst all my peers
and when my name is spoken,all will raise their beers
known as the greatest king the world has ever seen
I own all the land,like it has never been
I ruled for thirty years before my death
I passed on my long legacy with my dying breath
to a young boy of only eight
the same age as I was,I can relate
my reign will be remembered by all that matter
my land divided,lost and scattered
my soul can now rest peacefully
knowing the country is ruled by me
:iconshroomgremlin:shroomgremlin 1 0
Once stone,the gargoyles lept to life
reigning down upon all to bring eternal night
gnashing,their teeth sink into deeper flesh
severing arteries,blood draining to death
the people flee frantically to cold dark streets
screaming like hell,not knowing they're meat
one by one,the villagers violently fall
paying no heed to the frightened emperors' call
barricading the doors,the leader then cowers
who would attack at these growing late hours?
they burst through the door,no resistance met
the king hidden,he's of no need to fret
the hours go by,they find the king and the son
they once again turn to stone,by the dawn of the rising sun
:iconshroomgremlin:shroomgremlin 0 0
    My emotions strongly grip me,suddenly taking hold
unabling me to write the story I would unfold
"How can I write of horrible feelings and notions?"
When right now all I hear is the gentle swaying of the ocean
at peace long last,my mind slows with welcome ease
I close my eyes and long for the feel of the caressing breeze
the blades of grass beneath my spine tickle and sway
the comfort of the airrated dirt beckon me to stay
    How I've longed for moment that I could accept this bliss
how amusing this could come from something as simple as a kiss
I know not to hope,because those floors will soon crumble
but I can't help but relish the light,looking back amongst rubble
stepping forth from darkness was the hardest thing I've done
forgettting all the pain,all the hurt I've caused everyone
I apologize to those who I've stepped on along the way
the path was long and weary,I was ready for the end of the day
now I believe I've reached my seemingly end
:iconshroomgremlin:shroomgremlin 0 1
Insomnia slowly taking its hold
as wild hallucinations begin to unfold
shadow people move beyond the wall of sleep
hooded figures drink of the nectar,deep
they beckon me to join them in another realm
so instinctively I follow,and our minds meld
startling images flood my feeble,weak mind
they say that if I do not watch,I'll be left behind
horrified,I watch these glorious visions of doom
a feeling of dread flows freely through the room
I start my life anew in this strange new world
and view from afar the bat king,his wings unfurled
I blink and suddenly realize,I've never left my bed
too lost to realize this whole time I've been dead
:iconshroomgremlin:shroomgremlin 0 2
Most times at night,I sit and cry
can't sleep nor figure out the answer why
am I destined to be alone?
stuck forever to be a drone
my best 2 friends I betrayed
all I do is hurt and delay
no longer master of my fate
all I'm here for is for you to hate
a mindless machine,I am shamed
you told me to repay you,but I never came
afraid for my life,I turned tail to run
hopelessly frightened,effortlessly shunned
I hope to someday befriend you again
perhaps after my firey end.
:iconshroomgremlin:shroomgremlin 0 0
Starved for emotions I make my way
into the burning bale of hay
better to burn from the outside in
than continue living in my sin
no one to love,or love me back
only to hurt me and back attack
my charred intestines tell my tale
of love once lost turned shades of shale
blackened,my skin peels away
rotting beneath the heated day
my heart once beating soon slows
as my soul journeys to depths below
Seeking no end I soon find
that I am the only one of my kind
destined forever to be alone
a mindless zombie,a working drone
deeply depressed by my hardened life
my only love,the sharpest knife
I cough up the blood of my torn soul
my eyes turn gray and my skin turns cold
though love I've not known to be given to me
love I've given,no one can see
the pain inside too real to feel
I can no longer to continue to deal
Forever I wander,lost and lonely
until true love can finally show me
the peace inside unsettled with pain
as the chains constrict and restrain
until I'm released from this dreadful priso
:iconshroomgremlin:shroomgremlin 0 1
Beneath the Waves by shroomgremlin Beneath the Waves :iconshroomgremlin:shroomgremlin 0 8
Descent To Hell
falling forever, the abomination
rejected from heaven, a silent session
tumbled in the darkness, encounter forgotten
landed on stone, a place to torment him
as shackles soon rose, to bind his hands
he then realized, he'd lost his chance
a glimpse of paradise, now lost to his mind
a scene of pain, is all he finds
a soul now lost, suffer all eternity
no exsistence known, a betrayed serenity
:iconshroomgremlin:shroomgremlin 1 7
Ascending higher into the sky
with a total lack of knowledge why
suddenly he sees a throne
empty seat and an annoying drone
ears still ringing, a voice cuts the noise
"Do you belong here, or did you make the wrong choice?"
Stunned and shocked by the power of the sound
sends him reeling slowly to the ground
suddenly, a rusty creak
the gates are open, so he catches a peek
there stood temples of cloud and gold
then with a slam, the gates were closed
and he went soaring down below
:iconshroomgremlin:shroomgremlin 0 6
Eyelids closing to make me sleep
but I don't want to see the dreams
the corpses of the past scuttle and creep
bodies floating on an open stream
weary and cold I sit in my room
with no thoughts of comfort
treading past the hands of doom
inside the faces scream and contort
the stream leads to a sea of blood
waves swelling over my head
a feeling of relief as I notice the mud
I wake up to the sound, safe in my bed
:iconshroomgremlin:shroomgremlin 1 11
Like opening your eyes for the first time
light pouring deep inside your mind
without the darkness blinding your sight
you begin to feel somewhat alright
the aching in the pit of your stomach
reveals the truth of a turning back
bed ridden for days, with a crick in the neck
those forgotten days, a lifeless choice of swimming off deck
you make it back safe and sound
crying till your feet safely touch the ground
though the end comes too swift
swirling deeper into the rift
:iconshroomgremlin:shroomgremlin 0 4
The throbbing sensation
that's sweeping the nation!
the brain inside here
now knows true fear
a jackhammer pulsating
still deeper and vibrating
no drugs will help
the sight of hell
but I won't fly
up in the sky
the light that thumps
like the darkness chumps
fueling my stubborn mind
suddenly it's gone, a time released mine
I think I'll get yours
before you get to the door
eyeballs bulging grotesquely
making space for the brain molesting
exploded your head
you're better off dead
but still the headache remains
:iconshroomgremlin:shroomgremlin 0 9
Sleep Deprived
Shadows flow along the wall
leading me to the downward fall
impression of a face upon the pillow
to know the facts have been awhile
spindly legs creep up the spine
driving me to the great divine
below the jagged rocks of time
the glowing red eyes of the infoulable kind
in my dreams he'll forever haunt
to mock and laugh and choke and taunt
noises scuttle inside my head
as the hand slips from under my bed
tumbling down the infinite hole
to the end of the abandoned road
at the end you should see me
until the time arises though, I'll be lonely
:iconshroomgremlin:shroomgremlin 0 9
Cancerous Strain
Feeling the lungs dissolve
judged by the master, unresolved
as the cancer soon sets in
just to make sure I meet my end
my sickness slowly counting hours
until my vital organs are soon devoured
I've got nothing left to lose
except the image I have of you
locked forever in my brain
as my life, forgotten, turned to shame
the light is fading, with my life
come to drag me into night
my one last wish, to see you again
if I don't I'll see you, in the end
:iconshroomgremlin:shroomgremlin 1 7
Tome of Lost Souls
Into the mist with a severed head
lost forever in a sea of dread
high atop a mountain, a forgotten tomb
laced with insects, a ritual room
on the pedestal is a dusty tome
Inscribed forever on the stone
the race of humans, left to doom
for some the end came all too soon
it all started on the Forgotten Isle
now left for all, a state of denial
:iconshroomgremlin:shroomgremlin 1 6
the truth within' your soul
to journey into the unknown
face smeared with charcoal
lost to the phantoms that plague
your mind to find the answers
their state in life, disarray
and why could they not cure the cancer?
Blasphemous ray guns fire overhead
to shoot all the villagers dead
criminally sane in an insane world
to see a man cower in a little room curled
don't try to ask if he's okay
he'll slap your face and send you away
life as a phantom is not so hard
you just keep walking the same boulevard
if you should die before you wake
perhaps you shall join us, someday, someday
:iconshroomgremlin:shroomgremlin 1 5

Random Favourites

Gabriel by sunchica Gabriel :iconsunchica:sunchica 41 88 Alaskan Sky by FrozenPhoto Alaskan Sky :iconfrozenphoto:FrozenPhoto 6 29 A Twist of Light and Glass by FrozenPhoto A Twist of Light and Glass :iconfrozenphoto:FrozenPhoto 2 10 Er..... by Tielle Er..... :icontielle:Tielle 2 11
Winter was a frost-laden one and I am embittered-
For many harsh weeks I have thought in solitude
Of the traumatic chill which creeps down my back
It says with such severity: "A lone soul blossoms".
And the buds will emerge from their seasonal sleep
To awaken to the exultation of the sunshine's glow.
But my thoughts cannot be thawed and there is no
Warmth in my soul. My mind is a cavernous place
Dripping with icy stalactites (they prick my heart)
And the tears on my vision's surface are frozen.
:iconpurelywiccan:purelywiccan 0 11
Frost Bringer by ArwensGrace Frost Bringer :iconarwensgrace:ArwensGrace 36 10 Wire In The Wood by Ztarli Wire In The Wood :iconztarli:Ztarli 2 2
Will we remember them?
We see them, marching perfect time
Farewelling our young men
Embraced by the age-old words
"We will remember them"
The ship sets sail our last goodbyes
Collars high and spirits low
Weapons slung across their backs
To fight another's war they go
With rifles cocked and warpaint on
They launch their great attack
To kill another, then be killed
Blood splattered 'cross their backs
Once they hit the battlefield
Where the bullets fall like rain
They're stars of Hollywood tragedies
Without the wealth or fame
Over greed and over land
They destroy each others lives
Those that sent them mourn for them
But never hear their soldier's cries
When the guns are silent
Like the voices of those dead
Mournful words are spoken
And vows of peace are said
Leaving wastelands of bullets
And of those that hit their aim
Their bodies lie in a foreign land
Under a white cross with no name
Then as tensions rise again
Again we prepare for war
Clothes of death are mass-produced
And more men walk through our doors
:iconslowlyslippingaway:slowlyslippingaway 4 48
I should be fast asleep
My eyes cast out the window
Through the sticky, summer heat
The shadows looming through the black
I should be fast asleep

The grey clouds cast a mournful veil over the moon. My window lies open to let in the breeze. I try to look away, but my eyes are drawn back, and it is my curiosity, or perhaps my fear, that draws me to look out though the oddly-smelling flyscreen, through which the pleasant scents of the night are filtered into plastic harshness.
The wind plays with the tall trees
The darkness with my eyes
The night time holds a terror
Of foreboding, lurking spies

The wind bites at the trees, and the trees bite back. The dispute never ends, and it's never silent either. You hear them whispering insults constantly at one another, hissing, crying. The heavy air chases the wind chimes that dangle helplessly from the veranda, spinning in dizzying circles, constantly crying for help with the same four, metallic notes. It hangs near where I know a wasps' nest to be. I asked
:iconslowlyslippingaway:slowlyslippingaway 7 40
You stab at my heart,
My soul.
Maiming me with your words,
Your looks.
Hands which once held me,
Tear at me like claws,
Ripping the flesh from my bones,
Leaving me naked and exposed.
The mouth which once loved me,
Now spits acid. Blinding me.
Heavy tears flow,
Down pale cheeks,
Leaving black streams in their wake.
How could you who once cared for me
So deeply,
Now turn,
And Kill me.
:iconsweetest-nightmare:sweetest-nightmare 1 4
Judgment Day
Callous, stony eyes fall
Upon shamed flesh.
The time has come.
Bound by society's desire to opress...
I struggle.
Breaking forth from my bonds,
Stumbling into the light,
I can see....
The eyes.
Callous, stony eyes
place critiscisms forth.
I stagger.
Maimed by a thousand blades,
Cutting through my defences.
Though i appear indifferent,
I bleed.
:iconsweetest-nightmare:sweetest-nightmare 1 2
Web of deceit,
lie after lie.
The pain of your words,
I don't want to try...
To understand.
You carve at me,
A whisper, a look,
Will I ever be free?...
Of this hell?
Do you know?
The pain in my eyes,
Does it show?...
My bleeding soul?
Crying out for relief,
A release from the pain,
A shattered belief...
You smashed.
Why must life be so complex?
These shadows and mirrors,
concave and convex...
A fun house,
It's not.
lives untangled,
friendships you forgot...
to remember,
to care.
A heartache a pain
I can no longer bear...
to love you,
is pain.
Your actions, your words,
our friendship, have slain.
:iconsweetest-nightmare:sweetest-nightmare 1 4
Bang. You're Dead. Part 2.
On the trigger
my finger lies
I'm telling her
It's time for goodbye's
I fire a round
Into her skull
She hits the floor
Without a sound
Some people scream
Some people cry
"Is this a nightmare?"
"Let it be a dream"
"Please, don't let me die."
They want to wake up
Be safe in their bed
But it's too late
You're dead.
:iconkeredan:Keredan 10 11
Earth Magic by Tielle Earth Magic :icontielle:Tielle 6 14 Z O M B O I D by retromortis Z O M B O I D :iconretromortis:retromortis 1,693 276



Fred Norman
United States
Current Residence: nowhere for the moment
Favourite genre of music: Metal, melodic metal
Favourite photographer: FrozenPhoto
Operating System: mine? or are you talkin about the computer?
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: Lobster is pretty hard
Wallpaper of choice: A fresh coat of blood
Skin of choice: Preferrably well done(but will accept medium well)
Favourite cartoon character: Shaggy
Personal Quote: Always in the back of your mind
My last night in the space I'm currently living in.Tomorrow I will begin to wander, once again. I won't be on here for a little while.(due to lack of internet access)anyone that I owe(you know who you are) you will be paid in full as soon as I get a job.Not sure how long that will take.The main reason for my departure, I fucked up bad. I betrayed those I called friends, so now I leave in shame. People are nothing without their friends, and these people were always there for me. I fucked them over. This mistake will ultimately lead to my downfall.

          See you all whenever,
              the shroomgremlin


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